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Our custom websites drive sales for businesses in Fenton, MI!

Custom-built Websites that Get Business Leads

Sapphire Site Design is a local Fenton Web Design company! Founded in 2020, it’s our mission to help grow local businesses through our custom-built websites that elevate their online presence and increase sales.

Our Fenton Web Design company strives to create websites that are optimized to convert website visitors into loyal customers. Our custom web design includes proper calls to action, copywriting that gets clicks, mobile-friendly design, all wrapped up in an SEO-friendly format.

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We are proud to be located in Fenton, MI! We are excited to serve local Fenton businesses with our custom web design, SEO, and digital marketing services. 

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Do Customers Trust your Current Website?

Nobody wants to engage with a company when they can’t trust their website. Ugly, outdated, poorly optimized websites lose major points with consumers and hinder your business from landing new customers!

As a business’ online presence becomes more important, having a website that is a continuation of your business’ brand is critical! 

As a Fenton web design company, we understand the challenges local Fenton businesses face. It’s our mission to help as many Fenton businesses as possible get the high-quality customers they deserve. Our favorite way to achieve that? We build custom websites with beautiful design, strong brand image, optimize them for SEO, and ensure that they become a trustworthy sales machine. 

Stop letting your outdated website turn potential customers over to your competitors!

We Make Fenton Web Design Easy!

We take pride in providing our clients with a simple, yet effective web design process. Become one of our clients today and take your business website to the next level in 4 easy steps!

Step #1

Reach out to us via phone, email, or through our contact form and schedule a discovery session!

Step #2

We’ll discuss your business sales system, website needs, design inspiration and more.

Step #3

If we are a match made in heaven we will send a custom project proposal for you to review!

Step #4

After the proposal is signed and a 50% deposit is made the construction of your new site starts!

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Why Choose a Fenton Web Design Agency?

Our web design company is based out of Fenton, MI meaning we understand local businesses! Our owner + founder Frank Schaefer has lived in Fenton, MI since 2002. After founding Sapphire Site Design in 2020 Frank made it the company mission to help grow as many local Fenton businesses as possible.

Proper web design and online presence are even more important in 2021 than ever before. In fact, it’s no longer acceptable for a business to have a mediocre outdated website. Outdated websites turn potential customers away and lead them to competitors with a better more informative website. 

The solution for Fenton’s businesses? Build a proper website! A well-designed website that focuses on proper calls to action, navigation, and search engine optimization will dramatically increase business leads. 

If you are in the market for a new website, you may be tempted to build one yourself with a website builder such as Wix. Unless your budget is less than $1,000 we don’t recommend it. Website “self-builds” are often poorly optimized to sell, have an ugly design, and have no search engine visibility – making them a waste of time and money.

Save yourself the time, money, and the headache, and get your website built properly the first time around by choosing to work with professionals!

Why Work With us?

We don't just build websites for businesses in Fenton, MI. At Sapphire Site Design, we believe in building brands and websites that serve as optimized sales systems. We also believe in forming close business partnerships.

Local Company

We are a local web design firm based out of Fenton, MI! We understand what being a business owner in Fenton means, and we have the knowledge to help you.

Qualified Pros

We are dedicated to our craft! When you work with us we promise high-quality work, from high-quality professionals. We always strive for greatness,

Generate Leads

We believe that every website has the main purpose of selling - whether it's selling a product/service, or you. We optimize sites to sell.

Questions About our Fenton Web Design

Absolutely not! While our company is based out of Fenton, MI, we work with businesses all across the United States as well as globally. 

We are available to meet with clients virtually to discuss Fenton web design! We can work with you completely remotely via phone, email, Zoom, or Skype.

Feel free to contact us!

While every custom website build has a different timeline based on the amount of pages and customization, websites usually take 2 weeks to 3 months to launch.

The web design process depends heavily on the client’s ability to supply information and images in a timely manner.

Sapphire was founded in 2020 and we are proud to have been helping local Fenton businesses for over a year now!

While Sapphire was only founded in 2020, owner + founder Frank Schaefer has been a Fenton native since 2002.

Custom websites should be viewed as an investment that will increase business revenue over time.

While our lowest priced web design package is $1,000, custom web design often runs with a higher price tag. For a small sized business reasonable website design will cost about $2,000 – $5,000. Larger businesses should expect to spend between $5,000 and $15,000, while big businesses should expect to spend upwards of $25,000.