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Reach your audience through targeted social media campaigns and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Want More Customers & Brand Awareness?

Digital advertising that targets your audience and drives sales.

The Digital Ads Solution

The ability to generate qualified leads, drive traffic to products + services, and grow a following is a highly coveted skill in 2021. As eCommerce and online business continues to grow and thrive, the ability to generate sales online will continue to grow in importance.

And the best way to generate sales online? Digital advertising. Digital ads open up the door for low-cost, high ROI, targeted, and trackable marketing! But, it’s important to run digital ads the correct way, which is why digital ads didn’t work in the past for some businesses.

To run a digital ad campaign you need to have a plan, and a strategy – and that’s where we come in.

Our Digital Advertising Strategies

Winning digital advertising through social media and Google ads.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the most powerful form of digital advertising available.

Ads are cost-efficient when properly run, and you can gain access to over 2 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram!

With the ability to target audiences based on their specific demographics (age, interests, income, location, etc.) the potential to advertise directly to your idea customer is high.

We run ad campaigns on... Facebook Instagram Pinterest

Google Ads Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google AdWords campaigns have multiple benefits over traditional marketing tactics.

Google ads allow you to target multiple keywords, previous website visitors (re-targeting), and gain exposure on the top page of Google.

Google ads are proven to increase brand awareness and provide profitable internet marketing campaigns, all while providing analytics like leads generated, cost per lead, and direct traffic tracking.

Google Ads to... Re-Target Customers Generate Leads Gain Exposure Rank in Google

When you choose to advertise with us we’ll set up a meeting to learn everything we can about your brand, business, and customers – all so we can create an amazing advertising campaign!

Digital Ads are the Answer for your Business!

Targeted, cost-efficient, scalable, and trackable - digital ads are the answer for growth.

Targeted Marketing

Target your ideal customer based on their demographics. Targeted ads lead to better conversions, lead generation, and more effective ad spend.

Cost-efficient ads

On average, social media advertisements allow your business to get in front of 1,000 people for only $3. Advertise more wisely.

campaign analytics

Digital ads allow you to track exactly what your outcome is after ad spend. Track your expenses, leads generated, cost per lead, and much more.

scalable ads

Easily adjust changes in ad budget to increase or decrease leads generated by digital ads. Digital ads are easily scalable in both directions.

The Sapphire Process

Our process to grow your business using digital ads.

1. Develop Ad Strategy

We will develop a clear, concise advertisement strategy for you to maximize your return on ad spend. This includes a consultation to understand your business, creation of a lead funnel on your website, and a strategic advertisement plan that includes budget, lead generation, and conversion goals.

2. Create Engaging Ads

Our advertisement specialists will create visually appealing ads that your target audience will want to click on. Ad creation includes copywriting, headlines, and image/video placement.

3. Monitor & Optimize Ads

After launching your ads, we will monitor their performance daily. To optimize your ad campaign, losing ads will be identified 3 days post-launch and will be cut. Winning ads will be continuously optimized to generate even more leads and conversions.

4. Review analytics

A crucial part of an advertising campaign is reviewing performance. With the installation of a Facebook pixel, it will be easy to track leads, traffic, and conversions that originated from your advertisements. Our specialists will even create a monthly report for you.